Episode 47

Rounders: Movie Review

Published on: 17th October, 2023

Episode 47: Rounders: Movie Review

Host: @marcdiette | @nonsensecasual

Guest: Terrence Jordan

“Rounders” takes center stage as hosts Marc and Terrence dive deep into the impact and realism of this cult classic poker movie.  Starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton, we discuss the rise of "Rounders" from its initial struggle at the box office to its devoted following among poker enthusiasts. From its realistic portrayal of poker games to the nuanced character development and memorable performances, we explore the movie's influence on the poker industry and its lasting cultural legacy.

Tune in to this insightful and engaging episode of "Casual Nonsense" to discover why "Rounders" remains a beloved and influential film in the genre.

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Terrence’s previous appearance on the podcast – Poker and Jeopardy

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